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This page was last modified on May 25, 2006
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NOTE: This page was created to display our Economy format. Content is not necessarily up to date. For accurate content, please visit our home page, linked above. You are looking at our least expensive format - attractive, yet simple, and easy to navigate.

Inexpensive Web Sites

That's what we're all about.

Our sites look professional, yet download quickly – 4 seconds max. on a slow (56K) modem.

Our mission is to make site creation so affordable, virtually anyone who wants one can have one. Skeptical? How does double-digit sound to you?

Let's Dispel Some Myths

Did you know?

  • You don't need to own a computer to have a Web site.
  • You don't need a computer to acquire an email address.




Let Us Create . . .

Let us create a simple, inexpensive site for you. If you have pre-existing, written material that could be incorporated into your Web site (such as that contained in brochures or other promotional material), we'll save you money by using that. If not, we'll write it for you – inexpensively.

If you have money, but not time, we'll do everything and charge less than what you would normally pay for the same level of service. How do we do it? We subscribed to several hosting services, evaluated them, and found one that offered extremely reliable service at a very low cost.

Don't Act out of Fear

Don't get a Web site because an Internet guru says that if you don't, your competition will get one and put you out of business. It's not likely things will change that fast. There are many people who are not connected to the Net, have no intention of using it, and make purchases the old-fashioned way – and there will always be people who prefer to do things over the phone or in person.

In short, don't get a Web site out of fear. Get it because it's an extremely cost-effective way of targeting your market and letting the entire world know you're open for business. If you're not in business, get a Web site to share your ideas with others, to make valuable suggestions, to network with people who share your views, preferences and aspirations. If you're looking for work, put your resume on the Web and save mailing costs by giving your Web address to selected employers.


About A Site To Behold TM

A Site To BeholdTM  is located in North York (Toronto), Ontario, near Allen Road (southern extension of Dufferin St.) and Finch Avenue West.

By calling Toll Free 1 877 866 54-54, you can speak to a live person anytime, day or night, year round, including holidays. Please let the phone ring until the connection is established. Someone will answer live, usually within thirty seconds.

We can be reached via snailmail at A Site To Behold, Head Office, 167 Pannahill Road, Downsview, Ontario, Canada  M3H 4N6.

Call 24 Hrs 7 Days:   1  877  866  54 -  54

1  866 844 3210  Back -Up or  (416)  410  7 - 24 - 7  Toronto


About A Real Live Person Twenty-Four Hours Seven Days ®

A Site To Behold TM is the Web-creation division of A Real Live Person Twenty-Four Hours Seven Days, a professional and business service organization. It operates in various locations throughout greater Toronto and offers a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Writing and Marketing
  • Public Speaking Instruction
  • 24-Hour, Live Telephone Reception
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy, including Psychological Services
  • Yoga Instruction (private – individuals, couples, small groups)
  • Character Development
  • Courtship Counselling


About This Page

This page was originally conceived, written, graphically designed and HTML-scripted Dec. 27, 1998, by A Site To Behold  (TM) .  It serves as an example of our work.

Thank you very much for visiting us. Your comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We would particularly appreciate hearing about any difficulty you may have experienced and will do our best to rectify it.


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